The Education Recovery Scorecard provides the first opportunity to compare learning loss at the district level across the country, providing opportunities to further understand how time remote, federal dollars expenditure, and other factors impacted students during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Change In Average Math Scores

This map only represents the states that have publicly reported their 2022 assessment data.

Change In Average Reading Scores

This map only represents the states that have publicly reported their 2022 assessment data.

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Project leader Thomas Kane speaks with Dr. Tequilla Brownie about the key findings in the Education Recovery Scorecard.

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From unfinished learning to missing students and lost earnings, these charts help explain the pandemic’s long-term impact

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According to national research, 92% of ALL parents, regardless of race, income or geography, believe their child is reading and doing math at or above grade level…even after the pandemic.

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American students have experienced a historic decline in academic achievement. The only possible response — the only rational response — is a historic collective investment in children and young adults.

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The latest test scores underscore the dire need for academic recovery for students — and schools are racing against the clock to combat the daunting task.

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The recent release of national scores showing drops in math and reading sparked criticisms of how long school districts remained virtual during the pandemic. Are those criticisms fair?

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With higher-poverty districts showing the most lost learning, the pandemic’s effects, if not remedied.

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